3 new expeditions arrive at base camp

There have been 3 expeditions that have just arrived at base camp. This includes the following: Field Touring Alpine led by Fabrizio Zangrilli; EvCNRk2 which is a group of climbers whose sole aim is to clean the mountain of rubbish and not to climb it; and a trio of climbers, 2 of which summited Broad Peak last week.

Pompili had to move his tent because of the ice melting and breaking underneath it. Depending on where the sun was able to penetrate the ice, it melted leaving mushrooms of ice that the tent was hanging onto. He said that at night he can hear the ice moving and breaking up.

The 2 new expeditions that arrived have yet to decide which route they are going to go up. They said though they have a preference for the Cesen route.

Source: Giuseppi Pompili


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