Meagan Mcgrath turns back on Broad Peak

Meagan McGrath had to turn back earlier than she wanted when trying to summit Broad Peak a few days ago. She is part of the FTA expedition. This was going to be her only window to make the summit before she and the others turn their attention to K2.

She started climbing from C3 to C4 but started to feel sick. It was a mixture of not being properly acclimatized and heat stroke from the clear day. So she turned around and headed back to base camp. She has not slept for about 4 days.

Also she mentioned that another of the expedition who got closer to the summit fell down a crevasse. Fortunately, he was pulled out of it by another member.

She said that in a couple of weeks that she and the others would start climbing K2.

Source: mp3 audio dispatch from McGrath


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