Mike Horn summits Broad Peak

Mike Horn has successfully climbed Broad Peak. he was joined by fellow climber Kobi Reichen. They had tried a number of times to climb Broad Peak this year.

Field Touring Alpine turned back from the summit possibly about 100m from the summit due to the powdery snow here. They felt it move underneath them, and decided to go back to be safe. They said that only experienced climbers stayed to tackle the top.

Mike Horn also has a permit to climb K2 this year. So it should be interesting whether he heads over and gives it a try.

Should be interesting too from these reports on what the conditions from C4 to the top of K2 are like this year. On the lower slopes there have been reports of easier climbing and less snow. But the powdery snow on Broad Peak if repeated on K2 could make conditions a little less easy.

Source: Mike Horn twitter


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