All expeditions back at base camp

After the recent weather window all of the expeditions have returned to base camp. It had been a period of both acclimatization and setting up the route to C3 and above for the expeditions.

Giuseppe Pompili reports that a few days of good weather is not enough time to make it to the summit. More good weather days would be needed to get up and down safely. However, he feels that he has acclimatized well. He has spent 10 days at camps 1, 2, and 3. He is feeling very good health wise. More supplies have also turned up.

Christian Stangl has returned to base camp after acclimatizing at C3. He spent a few nights at C3 and will undoubtedly feel that he is ready to make a summit attempt the next time that he goes up. Because of the deep snow last year he decided against a speed climb to the top and back.

The Polish expedition secured base camps at C3 on the Cesen route. They have also returned to base camp.

Source: Giuseppi Pompili


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