Cook still recovering from frostbite while Ericcson maps trek to ski K2

Trey Cook has been unable to climb because of his frostbitten fingers. He was receiving treatment from the doctor with the Polish expedition. He was advised to use their compression chamber to simulate a lower altitude. Also he has been taking aspirin and antibiotics.

At one point he asked Fabrizio who was visiting from his attempt on Broad Peak what he thought of his fingers. Fabrizio replied that he needed to leave the mountain if he wanted to save his fingers. So Cook called a Norwegian doctor who told him that he had grade 1 frostbite and that he could stay there. Also he said he would be able to continue to keep climbing.

Cook said that he would acclimatize one final time from at about the 17th of July. This is when there is good weather expected on K2. Then if all goes to plan then they hope to try make the summit from the 23rd to the 25th. This is the next weather window. While all of this has been going on Ericsson has gone beyond C2 and mapped out a place through a rock band where they could ski down.

However, if Cook’s fingers get worse then he will call his trip of K2 off. It is not certain what Ericsson will do if this happens. He may still continue to climb the mountain maybe in collaboration with others. Then he could ski down the route that he has worked out.

Source: Fredrik Ericsson


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