Ericsson and Cook find way to C3

Fredrik Ericsson and Trey Cook have battled very difficult weather to find a way to C3 on K2.

During the first day the weather was good. They decided to push themselves and go as far as possible. After 10 hours of climbing they reached C2.

Trey Cook felt trepidation on a part between C1 and C2. It was on a previous expedition that he nearly lost his life while climbing though this section. An avalanche brought down heaps of snow in 2007 and he nearly went down the mountain with this snow.

Then they got the weather forecast for the next day after reaching C2. It was forecast for there to be a storm in the afternoon. They decided that instead of going all of the way to C3 that at some stage that they would have to head down.

However, despite the bad forecast they made a decision to continue climbing up knowing that they could turn around if the weather got too bad. So they woke up and continued towards C3. As they got higher the winds increased and the visibility was reduced by the cloud and snow.

In the end though they spotted an area where they might be able to climb through and maybe ski down. It proved that their decision to continue climbing was a good one.

They turned back but had to stop celebrating as the weather was proving problematic. Fortunately the visibility was good.

When they got back to base camp, Trey Cook had a number of frostbitten fingers. They will rest for the next few days. Also their supplies finally arrived after being delayed so they do not need to be in a rush to make it to the summit.

Source: Fredrik Ericsson

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