Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner talks about trek to K2

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner has recently updated her website talking about the trek to the base camp of K2. With her on this trek to K2 are her husband Ralf, and 2 of their friends – Andrew and Angela.

They took a van from Islamabad to the remote town of Skardu. This is 850km away. Skardu is a dust bowl at the moment she said. Then they went by jeep to Askole, the last  town before they have to start trekking. This is at 3050m. The gravel road there this year was in good condition.

At Askole they found some porters who wanted a job to carry their goods to K2. This year there were fewer expeditions than before that she could remember.

When they reached the Boltoro glacier she found that there were enormous amounts of snow on the ground. For some time the weather was wet and she did not get a clear view. But once it cleared and she was within viewing distance of K2, she could not take her eyes off the mountain. This brought back memories of last years failed attempt, and made her emotional. Once they setup up base camp, their friends left then to go elsewhere.

In the next few days she and her husband will start climbing the Cesen route. There are other expeditions on this route and it is the most popular this year.


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