Ericsson and Cook stalled by bad weather on K2

Fredrick Ericsson and Trey Cook have made a valiant attempt to get to C3 under difficult weather. They were also mapping possible ski routes on the way down.

The weather forecast was not correct. It was supposed to be sunny and good for climbing. Instead, they found themselves holed up in a tent at camp. They had only gone this far because of the weather forecast.

When the weather did clear, they decided to find the route to camp 3. This route will be important when they decide to ski down K2. On the way to C3 they found plenty of rope from past expeditions. They used this to climb through the steeper parts.

What they found was that loads of snow has been dropped onto K2. But also the wind has exposed the rocky shelves so they are devoid of snow. This will be one of the trickier parts when they ski down it.

They eventually turned back from making C3 because of the foul weather and spent the next night at C2.

Also they determined that the route they had planned to ski from C2 was impossible. It was narrow and too steep. However, they have eyed another possible route, but they will need better visibility to see if it can be done.

Source: Fredrik Ericsson


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