Giuseppe Pompili lists the groups headed to K2

Giuseppe Pompili has made some reflections on what he thinks about K2 and the expeditions that are headed to it that he is aware of.

He talks about it being 30 times as massive in volume than the Matterhorn. Also Everest has been summited by thousands of climbers whereas K2 has only been climbed by fewer than 300.

“K2 is neither the highest nor the steepest mountain in the world, yet, according to many, it is just a mountain, but “The Mountain”, the ambition of every mountaineer, the peak who breaks down dreams and ambitions of the best alpinists,” Pompili said.

He goes onto to talk about why it is like a magnet for climbers.

“So, where is its irresistible charm? It is in the fact that it doesn’t give itself easily”, Pompili said.

He also mentions the expeditions that he is aware of that are making their way to K2.

  • An American expedition with a Swede in it Fredrick Ericsson
  • Iranian Leila Esfandyari who has 2 porters with her
  • An Italian group with three climbers
  • A group of 8 climbers from South Korea which includes one woman

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