Official list of teams going to K2 in 2010

There are only 7 expeditions that are going to K2 in 2010. The Ministry of Tourism provided this information to Giuseppe Pompili. This might change if other expeditions decide to challenge the mountain this year.

The list of teams are as follows:

1) ATP International Group (Adventure Tour Pakistan): 19 members of various nationalities (we share the permit with them)
2) Team American George Dijmarescu – K2 & Broad Peak: 9 members
3) Swiss Expedition: 2 members
4) Polish International Expedition: 9 members
5) ATP U.S. Expedition: 8 members, leader Fabrizio Zangrilli
6) Korean Expedition to K2: 9 members
7) Italian Expedition EvCNR-K2: 12 members, leader A. Greco. The group will rise until the c3 to clean up the mountain from the fixed ropes. They will arrive on 28th.

Source: Giuseppe Pompili


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