Alison Hargreaves son Tom Ballard wants to climb K2 in winter with no oxygen

Tom Ballard says he wants to be the first person to climb K2 in winter. No one has been able to get to the summit in winter so far. But the challenge has not deterred him.

He said that he wants to fight the mountain on its own terms. The reason he will be doing it this way is that he likes a challenge. Using oxygen to him would be like using performance enhancing drugs.

His mother died when he was only six years old. She reached the summit of K2, but died when a terrible storm took her and her companions on the way down, not far from the summit.

What makes K2 so formidable is that it is the furthest north of all of the 14 8000m mountains. The weather is as much of an obstacle as the climbing itself. The best climbing period is during summer. The deep snow in winter would prove taxing for even the best of climbers. Add to that possible bad weather and it remains one of the last challenges for mountaineers to conquer.

Source: Times online

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