Kaltenbrunner and other updates

This is an update on those mountaineers who might be climbing K2 later this year.

Worldwide expeditions and treks. Later this year they have an expedition to K2. At the moment a group led by Fabrizio John Zangrilli is attempting to climb Makalu. Poor weather has hampered their progress. They are presently at C2 on this mountain. Of course another group of climbers led by Fabrizio will attempt K2 later this year.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner has been acclimatizing on the north side of Mount Everest. She and her husband are awaiting for fine weather before summit push. They have completed their acclimatization and are at base camp presently. At the moment it is too cold and the weather has been too poor for any summit attempt. They have been given word that the weather will improve in the coming weeks.

Nick Rice plans to go to K2 again this year which will be the fourth trip to the mountains of Pakistan. He recently attempted to scale Annapurna unsuccessfully.

Ron Hoglin is also attempting the north side of Mount Everest. Last word was on the 20th of April when he was going to advance base.


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