Miss Oh Eun-Sun becomes first woman to summit all 14 8000m mountains

Miss Oh Eun-Sun has become the first woman to summit all 14 8000m mountains today when she made it to the top of Annapurna. There have been photos posted of her on top of the mountain. She was shown live on Korean tv planting the national flag on the summit.

It took her 13 hours to get from C4 to the summit. It was an extremely windy day. Previously she had moved from C2 to C4 so that she could make the summit on a day where snow was not forecast.

Some people in the past dispute on one of her summits. Her climb of Kangchenjunga has had an ongoing controversy about it. Only recently Edurne Pasadan claimed that she did not believe that Miss Oh Eun-Sun had made the summit of that mountain. Pasadan had been climbing that mountain too but was located at a different camp than Eun-Sun. Recently she says she talked to a sherpa who was with Miss Oh Eun-Sun and this sherpa claimed that she did not make the summit.

Despite these claims, the world at large will acclaim her magnificent effort.

She climbed K2 in 2007 with oxygen. She did not find it as difficult as others had found it.

Source: Explorersweb


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