Gerlinde Kaltennbrunner will tackle K2 if fit

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner has said in an email to Explorersweb that she will go to K2 immediately after Everest if she is feeling healthy.

At the moment she is attempting the North face of Everest in an alpine style attempt. Her husband is with her. This is a very similar attempt that she made in 2005. Once again she is attempting the Superculoir on the North side. This was first conquered by the Japanese in 1980.

This is a difficult route and far harder than either of the two main routes taken. In 1986 Erhard Loretan and Jean Troillet made the summit in 1986 in just 31 hours in alpine style.

Source: Explorersweb


One Response to “Gerlinde Kaltennbrunner will tackle K2 if fit”

  1. steve Says:

    thanks fro some brief info on Ron Hoglin. I wonder how to get any more info. not much has been heard since the 20th.

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