Race heats up for first woman to summit all 8000m mountains

With the successful summit of Annapurna, Edurne Pasadan has reached her 13th 8000m mountain and made it a tight race to see which woman will summit all 8000m mountains first. Although not officially a race, there would be alot of prestige to be the first woman to accomplish this feat.

Pasadan made it safely back to base camp after an exhausting descent from Annapurna. She was apparently extremely fatigued.

There has been word that she wants to quickly go to Tibet so she can start her attempt on Shishapangma.

Oh Eun-Sun has been acclimatizing up to camp 2 on Annapurna. She is expected to try for the summit on the weekend. She has been nursing a cold for the last few days.

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner needs 2 more 8000m mountains to make it first. Her task appears to be the toughest of all as she will not even contemplate an assualt of K2 till June this year. She is presently starting her Everest attempt.

The list of the mountains these ladies have to climb are amongst the toughest of all the 8000m mountains. K2 and Annapurna are notorious for their difficulty and death rate. Shishapangma is relatively easier till the true summit. This is corniced and dangerous. Thus there is still lots of intrigue as to who will be the first woman to do this monumental task.


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