Marco Confortola recalls the horrors of 2008 K2 summit

Marco Confortola has given an interview about his feelings following the 2008 disaster on K2. He was one of the lucky survivors from that ordeal.

Presently, he and Pasang Lama are going to attempt Lhotse in Nepal. This is the first 8000m mountain that he has attempted since K2. Lama also was on the 2008 trip up K2. He lost 2 cousins.

He regrets telling reporters all that he did after the tragedy. He wishes that he had kept it to himself. The thoughts of the mountain still give him nightmares.

He went and visited the wife of Jumik Bhote who died on K2 in 2008. Confortola says that he was unable to save him because he did not have the strength to do it. It was a moving experience for him to visit her. She has a young child from Bhote. The child was only 3 days old when Bhote persished on K2.


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