Alison Hargreaves son to climb K2

The son of Alison Hargreaves will attempt to climb K2 by himself. He has been training for some time preparing for the second highest mountain in thew world.

He has been climbing seen a young child. Despite the fact that his mother died while attempting K2, it does not prey on his mind about the dangers of the mountain.

Last year his family moved to Switzerland. They did this so that he could pursue his mountaineering. The skills that he has learnt there will be put to the test on K2.

The British climber Alison Hargreaves died while climbing K2 in 1995. A fierce storm took her life and others who were trying for the summit. She most likely made the summit and on the descent the storm struck with a severity that may have blown her off the mountain.

Tom Ballard has visited K2 before. He, along with his dad and sister, made the trip several years ago to see the memorial to his mother.

He will be filming a documentary while he attempts the mountain. He will have a helmet camera and hand held ones to do this.

STV Article


One Response to “Alison Hargreaves son to climb K2”

  1. M.barlow Says:

    I think he’s a dam fool if he many more lives will this mountain claim?

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