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Conference to be told of glacial growth around K2

December 18, 2009

Two UNO professors will tell a conference that the glaciers are growing in the Karakorum range around K2. This conference will be in San Francisco on Friday.

That glaciers are growing in the Karakorum range will likely surprise the scientific community. It has been widely reported that glaciers have been in retreat from many of the highest places on earth. There has been a rapid loss of ice from glaciers in the areas surrounding Mt Everest.

However, Jack Shroder believes that this glacial growth could be the result of global warning.

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Meagan McGrath has bad fall in Antarctica

December 9, 2009

Various sources are reporting that Meagan McGrath fell into a crevasse on her traverse across Antarctica. It is said that she fell into a crevasse and was lucky to be in one piece. She is considering whether to continue with the rest of the journey.

Next year she has plans to climb K2 in the summer.

Gerard McDonnell to be listed amongst Irish hereos

December 8, 2009

Gerard McDonnell will be listed as amongst 15 Irish heroes in a new book. He died after making the summit of K2 in 2008. What was heroic about it was that he tried to help 3 other climbers who were helplessly tied amongst ropes above 8000m. McDonnell died on the descent.

The author of the book, Ian McKeever, will write a chapter on his life. He has the support of McDonnell’s family and friends to write it. They provided information towards the book.


Russian K2 film wins award

December 6, 2009

The film ‘Russian wall K2’ has received the Gold Alpine Camera in 2009. This was presented at the international film festival in Graz. This is the oldest mountaineering film festival in existence.

The judges noted themes of the movie which included the importance of team work in achieving their goals.

The Russians made a pioneering summit of the west face of K2 in 2007. They said that it was a team effort that made them realize this dream. They could not have done it had they been working as individuals.