Don Bowie recounts 2007 harrowing K2 descent

Don Bowie has given an interview with his account of his successful summit of K2 in 2007. While he did make the summit, the descent was one that was harrowing and one that nearly cost him his life.

While descending he slipped and fell about a 100m. Only rocks before a huge cliff stopped him falling thousands of feet.  However, he found that his leg was stuck between rocks. His foot though was at the wrong angle, and soon he realized that he had broken  a bone in his foot and the ligaments were also torn.

For the next 2 and a half days Bowie slowly descended K2 with a broken foot. He took pain killers to help relieve the pain, but alot the struggle was the mental one.

He said that he received no support from others ascending the mountain. They were focused on their own goals and were not willing to help him despite his difficulties. It was not until he was within reach of base camp did others help him.

There were some other points that he made about K2. He said that it would be not wise to have guided tours to climb the mountain. This is because of the inherent danger. It would be just too difficult for everyone involved.

He also said that up at that height it was very hard for any climber to think clearly enough so that they go out of their way to help another climber in trouble.

Calgary Herald


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