Meagan McGrath fears attempt on K2 next summer

Meagan McGrath plans to scale K2 next year. But this is not the only challenge for the 32 year old Canadian. She wants to ski to the South Pole. Also she has planned to climb 5 more mountains over 8000m.

She has already reached the summit of Everest in 2007. Also she has completed both versions of the Seven Summits. This is where a climber has to climb all of the tallest summits on each continent. Plus she recently skied to the North Pole. All of this experience would seem to give her a chance of making the summit of K2.

Despite this she fears what may happen to her on K2 next year. She fears she may die on the attempt. “Yeah, I’ll have to say, yes, I could die,” she says.

The other 8000m mountains that she plans to climb are as follows: Mount Lhotse, Broad Peak, Cho Oyu, and Shishapangma.

Ottawa Cizen article on Meagan McGrath


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