Cecilie Skog still misses husband after death on K2 in 2008

Norwegian Cecilie Skog has talked about how she has found it hard after her husband died on K2 in 2008. It has been 15 months since 11 people, including her husband, died near the Bottleneck of this mountain. She reached the summit of K2. Her husband did not go to the summit. He had waited on the Travers for his wife to come back down the mountain. A huge ice serac though fell above this place and she watched her husband plummet down the mountain.

She said that she feels most alive in difficult conditions. The snow and the fierce winds while camping in these places is what she dreams of doing.

Next month she plans to go to the South Pole. It is a 1300km journey. She is going with Ryan Waters. They will both ski on their journey.

Explorersweb interview with Ceclia Skog


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