Ron Hoglin to return to K2

Ron Hoglin will attempt K2 again he has confirmed after this years failed summit bid. He was one of those on the final push for the summit on K2 on August the 4th.

He talked about the trip to K2 and the climb up the mountain. The plane ride to Skardu was extremely scary. He said that before the airport there were mountains all around, and then all of a sudden the airport would appear.

On the walk to K2, it was about 115kms. They had to use porters to carry about 20-25kgs each. No animals were used to carry the gear.

Climbing up K2 got very steep and technical from about halfway between C1 and C2. They needed to use ropes and were using ascenders.

They only had a one day opportunity to go for the summit because of the forecast weather conditions. On the day they intended to reach the summit he said that he should have left earlier than he did. The problem was that his toes were extremely cold. It would take him over 2 hours to warm them in the morning. This is a problem that he did not have when he was climbing Everest. However, he did say that conditions were perfect on the morning of the final part of the climb. The moon was out, so there were clear conditions even in the dark.

As for the final push up K2, he said what others have said – the snow was very deep and they were going too slow in these conditions. However, he felt fine that they turned around and did not go for the summit. All it meant was that he would be back for another attempt. He did not say when this attempt will be.

He is a resident of Hope, British Columbia, in Canada. He has previously summited Everest.

At the moment he is running a shuttle bus and the snowplough in Manning Park, British Columbia.

BC local news

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