Pictures of Dave Watson skiiing on K2

In an article in Back Country Magazine, Dave Watson has described his trip to K2 this year. He had initially planned to go to K2 in 2010, but a chance call to go to the mountain led him to go this year. He was not mentally or physically prepared to go to K2 because there had been no preparation.

Initially he had planned to climb and ski down the Cesen route but deep snow on the Abruzzi Ridge made it a better alternative. Below the Bottleneck he said conditions were easy for skiing. Everything was manageable and comfortable for him. Conditions on the Bottleneck and above were tough though as there had been chest high snow that had helped prevent any successful summit of K2 this year.

Since there had been so little time to prepare for the assault on K2 there had been little expectation on reaching the top. This had prevented any pressure growing about reaching the summit.

Included in the article were some pictures of K2. The first picture shows the tracks on the shoulder left after Watson had skied down from the Bottleneck. The second shows him skiing on K2.

Shoulder tracks left by Dave Watson on K2

Dave Watson skiing down K2 on the Abruzzi Ridge

Interview with Dave Watson on Back Country Magazine


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