Nick Rice plans to attempt K2 again in 2010

Nick Rice plans on another assault on K2 in 2010. He wants to climb all 14 8000m mountains. So far he has climbed 4 of these 8000m mountains. Next year he plans to climb in March the world’s third highest mountain, Nepal’s Kangchenjunga. Then after doing this he plans to go to K2 in June. He believes by then he will be acclimatized enough to climb the mountain. Climbing the third and second highest mountains one after another will be expecting alot from this climber.

He was a lucky survivor from the disaster on K2 in 2008. He spilt snow-melt water on his socks before the final climb to the summit of the mountain. This delayed his summit push. Those who had taken off pre-dawn were those who were in trouble later in the day in that disaster.

Rice is currently climbing Shishapangma in the Himalayas. He recently summited the central summit of this peak. This is not the highest point of this mountain. The highest point is known as the true summit. He and his climbing partner, Mario Panzeri, will try to climb to the true summit in the next few days.

Nick Rice article climbing Shishapangma


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