Andrew Lock summits Shishapangma

Australian Andrew Lock has reached the summit of Shishapangma. This is his fourteenth 8000m that he has climbed. He becomes the first Australian to summit all of the 8000m mountains. He reached the true summit of Shishapangma at 5.05pm, 2nd October. He made the summit with Neil Ward.

They had decided not to go first to the middle summit. This is where most climbers reach and go no further. Instead they took the Inaki route on the north face. They got caught in a storm at 7600m and had to bivouac at 7600 meters.

In 1993 Andrew Lock summited K2. This was the first 8000m mountain that he had climbed. He had previously been hiking in the Karakoram and the sight of K2 made him want to climb it. He ended up climbing to the summit with 3 other climbers. All were very determined and were going to the top no matter what. That climb had a terrible ending for some of the climbers though. 2 of those who had climbed and summited with Lock died on the descent. They both fell. Later Lock admitted that they had pushed too hard that day.

Andrew Lock’s updates


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