Ed Viesturs writing a book on K2 history

K2: Life and Death on the World’s Most Dangerous Mountain is a book that will be co-written by Ed Viesturs. He is a mountaineer who has climbed all of the 14 8000m mountains. He is also known as a very cautious climber who only goes for the summit if there is an acceptable risk. This will cover the major incidents on the mountain including the 2008 tragedy where an ice serac fell on the Bottleneck.

Ed Viesturs climbed K2 in 1992. He nearly died while trying to rescue some climbers who had summited earlier. They were exhausted and frostbitten. He set out with his climbing partner to help.

Ed realized though that they were on a slope that was about to avalanche. He tried to dig himself in before it did, but the avalanche set him and his partner hurtling down the slopes of K2. He used his ice axe to stop the fall. But it took maybe 200m before they came to a halt. They could have died had Ed not known exactly what he was doing when the avalanche happened.

After the rescue attempt he and his climbing partners set out for the summit of K2. They made the summit but Ed Viesturs had regrets over it later. The risk was greater than he would have liked. They had pushed longer and later than what he felt was acceptable. It was the the one 8000m summit that he regretted pushing so hard. But he and the others made it back.

It is also interesting to note that he didn’t think that the huge ice serac above the Bottleneck was as dangerous as it proved to be in the 2008 tragedy. He thought it looked like it never changed in appearance.



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