Sean Wisedale believes K2 is crumbling apart

Sean Wisedale had some interesting observations and thoughts on K2. He left the mountain after spending several weeks climbing on it. The death of Michel Fait left a last impression on him which he could not shake. Nor was the finding of body parts from dead climbers from past years. He calls it a graveyard.

He believes though that K2 is crumbling apart. The rock condition was described as super flaky. There were heavy rock and snow avalanches while he was there. The mountain is actually falling apart, he believes. This is making climbing there very dangerous.

Climate change is not helping the conditions, Sean says. The area is subjected to heavy rains and snows. This makes the rock and snow avalanches more likely.

To highlight how steep K2 is he said that the mountain was exceptionally vertical.

Sean’s blog


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