Gerfield Goschl looks back on failed K2 summit

Gerfield on his website reflected on the final try for the K2 summit. Some of the points he talked about are as follows.

There were 14 climbers from different camps and countries that were involved in the final push for the summit. It wasn’t till 8200m on the Bottleneck that the magnitude of the climb started to be realized. The snow was feathery and rope was needed in this section. At around 2pm Sepp turned around and went back to camp. But it wasn’t till 2:30 that everyone else realized that they would not make it to the summit in a safe time. The snow was deep and was slowing their progress. He said that the summit could have conditions that could prove hazardous if they continued that late.

He was disappointed because of the perfect weather. But he was happy to make it back healthy along with everyone else.

After the climb Gerfield invited Gerlinde, the Kazakhs, Russians, Koreans and the Americans for a debriefing about what happened.

His website is not in English but there are some great pictures of this attempt.

Gerfried Goschl’s photos and website


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