Maxut Zhumayev posts pictures of K2

Maxut Zhumayev has posted pictures form the attempted ascent of K2. There is a very good picture which shows how far he got. The high point was the Traverse above the Bottleneck.

Picture showing how far Maxut got

Another picture shows the chest high snow on the Traverse. But others had cut a path for the climbers beforehand through this. On the right can be seen the ice seracs above the Traverse.

Chest high snow on Traverse

All of the pictures can be seen on the link below:

Pictures of K2 from Maxut

As can be seen it was a clear day for them to summit. So it must have been disappointing to all of them. However, it was 4pm when they reached the high point of the day. The deep snow may have continued up to the summit, so it may have been a very late summit.


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