Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner confident of reaching the summit

Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner has reached the shoulder at camp 4 on K2. She is confident of reaching her 13th 8000 summit if she can reach the top of K2. At the moment she is resting up for the last part of the climb. The weather is still good, but the wind has been strong. They are hopeful it will become less strong as they press for the summit.

To see a view of what awaits her from her position to the summit she has posted a picture.

K2 Bottleneck and ice seracs above it

Last year a portion of this ice serac split after a number of climbers had made the summit late in the day. The ropes were lost and the descent was made extremely hazardous. A number of climbers lost their lives in this area. It is much steeper than it looks.

Last week her group turned back after attempting to climb the rocks on the left. Normally the bottleneck is climbed  below the ice seracs, a narrow area which consists of ice and snow terrain.


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